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IEC C13 UK Mains Power Cord, 1.8m (Type G) $4.73
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IEC C13 Euro Mains Power Cord, 2m (Type F) $4.73
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IEC (Type C13) Mains Power Cords

These high quality 3-pin IEC mains power cords are suitable for many types of desktop computers / electrical appliances and are sometimes colloquially referred to as “Kettle leads”.

If you’re trying to get a PC to work, the first question you need to ask is, “Is it plugged in?”. These top-quality power cords will help you get past that first hurdle! One end of the cable has a “Type C13” IEC connector, which looks like a kettle plug except without the notch. At the other end of the cable, a choice of a UK or EURO plugs is available.

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I bought a custom Quiet PC Serenity Office

I bought a custom Quiet PC Serenity Office with 16Gb Ram, a fanless graphics card (1050 Ti KalmX Fanless) and one of the nicer CPU fans, also a SSD hard drive and a normal hard drive. I'm happy with it. I use Linux (Ubuntu) and had to tweak some bios settings to get it booting correctly - all found online with just a little bit of effort to do. Putting the operating system on the SSD makes it boot up very quickly. Everything works fine with linux, graphics card, wifi etc no worries. The motherboard even has old school ps/2 connectors for those old clacky keyboard you might have! There is a case fan controller. And the case has an openable chimney. Even when on ultra graphics settings with games, the temperatures don't get hot at all. With fans on max and chimney open there is more of a sound, but its still quiet. The case has one LED around the power button which in my opinion pulses too brightly when in suspend mode. I tend to cover the light with a piece of paper when it's pulsing at night! With fans down low, there is a slight hum - you can tell its on but it's really quiet, and it never sounds like an aircraft at any load - probably because the gpu is fanless. I emailed and rang the staff up to ask questions before and after purchase. They answered the phone quickly and were very knowledgeable, and helpful. They also answered emails quickly and were also helpful. I recommend giving them a quick telephone call if you have questions. Really good customer service in my opinion.
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